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Under the Dome

CBI, The Council of Bigoted Ideology, have ordered a small shrine to be built at Hafeez Center, the hot new line of defense against the National Action Plan, to sanctify the site. The Building proved super-effective in sheltering radical dogmatists who protested against the arrest of a shopkeeper for displaying religious bigotry against the Ahmadiyya community.

Before long, hundreds of hardline Mullahs and traders rushed to the site to pay their tributes.

“This is a sacred land surrounded by an invisible dome; the Government fails to perceive our existence.” A supporter said in a hoarse and mysterious voice while garlanding the site with flowers.

“We are privileged to be the sole country in the world which encourage ethnic discrimination and have explicitly declared ourselves “Sarkari Muslims.” With this mystical monument at our back there is no one to stop us from bashing religious minorities,” Chuckled another.

An old man guised in green robe and vibrant maalas, raised his hand to speak his mind, “anti-Ahmadiyya rhetoric is an integral part of our brain, thrust into our minds since the moment we stepped into this world.”  When asked if he was an expert and could enlighten more on the issue, the self-proclaimed peer sahib swiftly gulped down a piece of paper tightly clutched in his hand and ordered his accomplice to run.

Not everyone shared the mutual bliss and transcendent nature of the dome.

 “We were promised a safe haven, under this place we had the right to indulge into our mischievous deeds. Now we are being arrested for theft and shoplifting. We were told the Government had a blind eye for this place. I tell you this place is a hoax,” yelled a man who was being tucked into a police car.

“Shhh! Whispered a woman in a harsh, raspy voice who was struggling to conceal herself from the mob behind the vehicle. “I want them to assume that I am here because I hold this place in high esteem. My husband ran away from home and I am certain this is the only God forsaken building he can cloak himself in; too bad, I have senses that far excel those of NASA.”

What’s next?

“We, the community of dunce thinkers and reactionary leaders, are sounding the charge and working strenuously with a company, which shall not be named, to equip this place with filters which will prevent traces of wind released by moderate liberals and Ahmadis from entering into this hallowed space. We wish to provide you with an infidel-free atmosphere in the upcoming year.” A rising leader of the insurgency resoundingly concludes.


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Awais Rabbani is freelance writer. His areas of interests are human rights issues, minority rights and others. He can be reached out on Twitter @iawaisrabbani

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