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Honorable Decisions

It was too late now; late to recover from this dreadful moment.  He stood frozen, blood-stricken clothes, tourniquet in one hand and a dagger in another. The crimson coloured sharp knife told the story of a figure that laid before him, his mother!

“Let me tie your shoes my dear one”

 “Are you hungry? Don’t worry my child there is enough food for you. I am fasting anyway”

“Why are you sad sweetheart? Did somebody hurt you? Tell me you’ll feel better”

“It’s okay it is just a small wound, it’ll get better, let me bandage it for you”

“Where were you? I was so worried. You were out all day! You better be careful next time young man”

“Hey, why are you crying, come here I’ll brush your hair and help you sleep”

His whole life passed before his eyes. What have I done? How did I let this happen? The knife fell from his trembling hand; before it could touch the ground his feet betrayed him and he crashed at his mother’s feet.

“Mo…ther? Maa? wake up! Wake up! Are you listening?” Asad managed to give words to his shivering lips. The bravery and chivalry were replaced with fear and regret.  Meray tsmay, maan mere tsmain khulay hain. He suddenly blurted out in his hysteria.  Maaan, I haven’t eaten for days… I was desolate and in despair. I wanted to express my feelings; no! I should have! I should have! You could have saved me, Oh God what have I done? Wake up please rescue me, save me one last time!” His voice grew louder with every word he uttered.

It was just another day of his regular tedious life. He recalled Molvi Sahab whose presence enlightened him. He had profound conversations with him regarding the boundaries religion has set upon them. Occasionally he would question the authenticity of Maulana sahib’s beliefs and teachings but his judgement would soon be over clouded with statements pertaining to religion. Is right path ever easy? Who am I to question God’s will? It’s a sin to probe into religion anyway. Days passed, Molvi Sahab would lecture on burning fires of hell on account of his disobedience. A Woman, he said, will take four men straight to hell, if they will not keep her in veils, and set limitations for her.

A few days later Asad visited the mosque. His head bowed down in shame and regret. He sat beside the Maulana and forced the words out of his mouth:

 “Molvi Sahab, I am in great tragedy and my life has turned upside down. I have been spying on my mother and realized she is having an affair with another man. You see my father died when I was six, since then my mother worked day and night to get through tough times and now that I am twenty years old the responsibilities lie on my shoulder. I know it is forbidden for women to do such things, do you think I should confront her about this?”

The smile played across Molvi Sahib’s face and he said “My dear child let me tell you about HONOUR……”

Maulana sahib’s words echoed in his head shaking his very being; they had taken his entire universe by storm. These letters, so fragile alone yet stronger when bonded together to form words ,took a child away from his mother engraving her memory of demise in his foolish mind for ever and ever!

The next day next news broke out:

 “A twenty year old named Asad killed his mother in the name of honour. And seconds later he hung himself to death. The police are investigating the root cause of murder and found nothing in particular except for the fact that his mother was seeing another man, though the neighbours’ say that the child was mentally sick.”

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Sundus Sohail is an environmentalist and a freelance writer based in Karachi. Her areas of interests are human rights issues, social issues and others.

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