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Call a Spade a Spade

As long as there are religious fanatics in modern world like Ali Ayanle Hassan; an attacker who killed two soldiers at military recruiting center in Canada with this imagination that God told him to do so, it’s a pathetic and mind-boggling notion to criticize the West and complain about Paris or London attacks getting more limelight on international and social media, as compared to bomb blasts happening in Syria, Pakistan or Iraq.

I find a very common stance of people who use to whine about West for being more hypocrite and blaming the shortcomings of their own morals, beliefs and public security measures as some CIA, Mossad covert agenda against them. And I say, “Hey, let’s stop being idiot and face the reality that might is always right”. It’s a universal truth, the strong dominates the weak. That’s how Islamic state was established 1400 years ago from Medina to Samarkand and Constantinople. Wars and bloodshed was part of that struggle to make Islam a global religion and to accomplish prosperous Islamic reign known as ‘‘Golden-age of Islam’’. It’s not wrong to say that religions are always involved in territorial expansion through raging wars on opposers. But now it’s time to accept this reality that the West is the master and it owns mighty empires. It has developed strong society, economy and technology. We are slaves of the West because our lives are ruled by their inventions such as gadgets and modern media. That’s what they struggled for through the ages. They can bring chaos or peace whenever and wherever they want. And even if West has any malicious agenda against Islam or Muslim world then question arises what we are doing to counter it other than bragging about that it’s all due to God’s will that West is enjoying the luxury of life and believing that we all are set to go to heaven and infidels will rot in hell. This is what our past, present and future thinking about our existence? These are signs of lazy and still minds that don’t have courage and will to counter the challenger in its language except to curse them with the punishments of hell.

It sounds even more ridiculous when whining brainless people say that they will conquer the world by following a dogmatic ideology of “to kill and be killed”. In contrast West has military which is working on every latest technology whether it’s in education, health or warfare. And that’s how West has created its might and removing anyone coming in its way. It is very clear to foresee that as long as we don’t follow the modern ideology and keep living in medieval age, it’s useless to cry on our current condition because we did it to ourselves. It’s a dilemma of our society where philosophers are wasted and clerics are appreciated.  The purpose of education is not to fill the empty minds, but to open them. People without education will live on memes and ultimately give birth to an ignorant, bigoted and narrow-minded society. It is very important to think and think critically because that’s how reformation of ideology happens. We need to reform our mind-set instead of raising slogans of death to Jews or infidels, we should learn to coexist and become true messenger of Islam-a religion of peace. Keeping hate in hearts and preaching peace through shallow words is a kind of hypocrisy.

In addition,  I find biggest hypocrisy more like a nonsense, in whining people who first want them (West) to be their sympathizers asking “theirs” Facebook to put flag filter for tragedies happening in Muslim countries and later on bluntly declaring West to be their prime enemy.

The purpose to call a spade a spade is not to criticize the religion because I hate it. Instead, when it comes to belief or religion, I always cling to these beautiful wise words by Warren W. Wiersbe:

 “Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”

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Umair Malik is a textile engineer based in Shanghai. Newbie in the Eden of rational mindsets, he is interested in freethinking based on rationality and empathy. He can be reached out on Twitter @drMalikUmair

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