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The Suicide Note

“By the time you read this, I shall have given up in my collision with the reality you and your world has created and enforced upon my understanding and perception. My body would have sailed beyond the shores of your limited dry boundaries, escorted by mermaids, through the kingdom of Poseidon, and I hope he shall be more gracious than the monetary ‘gods’ of your land and lend me a meager space in his kingdom to rest for all eternity.

I would no longer desire acceptance of your warm embrace, for by this time, I would have learned to appreciate the cold grasp of the welcoming depths of the bottomless sea. Neither would I need to pen down my pains, nor shall I have to ask you to listen to my sorrows, because by now, the waves shall have shouldered me, tenderly whispering songs of consolation and condolence.

As I sink down to Poseidon’s realm, think not of me with pity, and do not let the sorrowful melancholy take over, for that will drive you to the same prison, where I had been caged by you and your clan. As I make my way to Atlantis, know that the benevolent sea has masked the hunger of my body, the deprivation on my face and the scars of my struggle.

Know that I shall not tell them tales of the impoverishment, longings and desires that force more than half of the people of my creed to choose the path that I have chosen.
Bear in mind, I shall not tell them of the absurdity of the reality you have created. I shall not inform them, that in your world, one person in every 40 seconds faces the same fate that I had to endure.

I will not tell them about the nearly million people who sorely abandon your realm, the world they were imprisoned in.

And you do not need to worry, even if I meet the God of your heavens, before I meet Hades, I shall not speak of who holds responsibility for all this.

I’ll drown all these ugly secrets with me.”

 P.S | This is a fictional writing, based on following statistics:
WHO reported that every 40 seconds, a person commits suicide. Around 80,000 to 90,000 suicides are recorded yearly. 75% of the suicides occurred in low or ‘middle’ income countries.

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Hasnat Sheikh is a civil society activist and a freelance writer based in Azad Kashmir. He is passionate about minority rights, poverty alleviation and the Kashmir cause.

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