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Celebrate Innocence

Children are oblivious of sorrows; they do not know the harsh realities of time and go about being happy in their own merry world. Children’s day is a special day that aims to celebrate childhood, the most wonderful stage in the life of a person.  The International Children’s day has its origin at the World Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland for the well-being of children.

They are the future of the world. Children are the hope of Pakistan and are tomorrow’s people. They are the new inspiration. Children, our joy, our pride!

These precious souls soon become subjects of neglect and abuse. Hundreds of these angels die every week from physical and sexual abuse. Many are raped, molested, violated..

According to the Child Rights Act in the world, . An estimated 34% are neglected, 30% are abused, 28% are physically molested with another 8% suffering various kinds of emotional dilemma.

In 2015, The child abuse case reported from Kasur reveals that some 380 children, including girls, have been sexually molested since 2009.

Most children are afraid to express these incidents out in the open for fear of being rebuked but how can you tell that a child has been abused?

A child suffering from a similar condition would have noticeable physical, mental and emotional development inhibition. The child may begin to stutter or over reacts to mistakes, respond inappropriately to pain, fear new situations and be extremely passive or aggressive.

How can you tell if a child has been neglected? The child would be constantly hungry or may be malnourished, the child may be unkempt, the child may be constantly tired and fall asleep at the slightest comfort, he may have untreated medical problems and withdraw from social interaction.

The Child Rights Law must be fully implemented. Our legislators must begin to talk about prosecuting child rights offenders. There must be serious ret consequences for those who abuse children. It should be a criminal offence especially considering that some children carry the negative effect throughout life. Record of child abusers should be published via the media – television, radio, print, internet – to ensure such offenders are prevented from hurting other children.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) states that,

‘’Every child has the right to good health, education, right to be treated equally, the right to be protected, and the right to participate in matters that affect them.’’


Parents and guardians must learn to communicate with their children so as to gain their trust as confidants. They must also teach them the skills that prevent abuse.  Media should take up their roles as stakeholders by ensuring that materials containing adult content are not shown during children’s belt. Any content that celebrates child abuse must not be aired.

As we commemorate yet another Day of A Child, let’s take a moment to share their strides and aspirations, let’s share their stories of courage and hope, only then will tomorrow be a better day for children everywhere.

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Saad Shahid is content writer at Sarim Burney Trust International, Youth Department Reporter at Daily Azad Riasat and Special Correspondent at News Online.

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