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Connecting with Creator

There is little known about consciousness, questions about its origin or nature still looms large. Does brain produces it or receives it; science is trying to find it out. Spiritual heads say that consciousness is a part of universe while some are of the belief that it is just a chemical function of which has no relation with any external source.

If we talk about our consciousness as some part of universe, born from it and die in it. Then expansion of universe is a well-known fact so being a part of it means; what our brain is letting us to think is expanding too. And if we are exploring the universe with the expanding thinking power then how can we comprehend the creation of universe because since 1988 we are still discovering Exo-planets (1 in 5 is the size of an Earth). If this sophisticated design and vastness of universe is in comprehendible by our cognitive abilities, then to understand the Creator of universe is out of league of human mind. I don’t know when we will come to know about the Creator in scientific way.  But my conscious let me think about its Creator and the wonders of universe which will keep us busy exploring His creations forever. We are part of evolution trying to understand our existence under the microscope of science. We are not sure where we are going to end up but I will not dispose the idea of the Creator from my mind because it feels good to imagine Him. Because for me, He is nowhere but everywhere-I call it faith, which people usually lose when they indulge their minds into logic and fact-based search. In our world beliefs or religions with different interpretation of Creator are told to the right path to approach Him- I don’t doubt the tenets but unfortunately infiltration of power and greed of world in religions have made so many believers disconnect with the Creator, because they have lost hope despite following  their religion.

Nowadays neurosurgeons are trying to monitor, record and determine the subjective experience of the brain, to know whether there are any receptors receiving the signals of consciousness, and to scan any areas of the brain that seems to be active when people have the experience that will lead to know the subjective nature of the mind .This will be unbelievable revolution and will cause lot of embarrassment for some people across the world. Unless the scientists do not find the credible answers, we should not confuse the faith and belief as same thing especially those who are totally unaware of the nature and meaning of these terms.

The difference between faith and belief is important to know before taking the path of reason. Instead of going into state of denial about truths of Creator which have never been discovered or unable to be discovered yet, cannot invalidate the belief on Creator.

Faith is product of spirit or conscious and belief is product of rituals. Faith should not be disposed because it’s a hope to live on when you are struggling in life to find your inner-self and purpose of life. Faith keeps the spirit afloat and leads us to find the truth even when mind is confused in choosing the right belief from wide range of available principles.

On the other hand, faith modifies with the time when new revelations and alterations are made by evolution of mind and precisely saying it’s an ever changing process of refining the ideas into better ideology of living a good life. Acknowledging the real meaning of faith and belief as well as the difference between them, can neutralise the confliction of thoughts and help us to reach a common focal point of credence.

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Umair Malik is a textile engineer based in Shanghai. Newbie in the Eden of rational mindsets, he is interested in freethinking based on rationality and empathy. He can be reached out on Twitter @drMalikUmair

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