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Why I Feel Sorry For Qandeel Baloch

Pakistan is a strange country where the trend of honor killing has taken so many lives. This time the victim is social media sensation Qandeel Baloch. She is well known for her videos and bold pictures on social media. According to her, she believed in freedom and strength of woman. She thought herself as a symbol of girl power. She never knew that she was not free but imprisoned. Her own brother strangled her to death. How strange that a brother who never cared when she uploaded her first bold picture and the brother who never paid heed to her videos, suddenly felt disgraced when she uploaded selfies and videos with Mufti Qawwi?

The simple answer lies in the fact that If you have a problem with a model, go and provoke her brother’s honor and she will be handled by him. This honor provocation is paid. This honor killing is paid.

This is why I feel sorry for her. Whatever her ideologies were and whatever her style was, but Honor killing? How can one think of it as the right way to teach her a lesson? I feel sorry for her because at the end of the day she was right and nobody sided with her. She was right that this society is hypocrite and is using religion as a tool of violence. Honor killing is violence in the name of religion and she was killed by it.

An exposed religious persona can manipulate religious teaching for revenge and honor killing is the cheap solution to it.

People would criticize her. Some would say that it is the result of her own actions. Others might blame her for her own death.

I ask how is killing justified? Was she ever given a chance to redeem?

I would ask what about the continuous dramas and dancing and fashion shows that are being run on media? Why have no one yet killed any one of those people? Why would these mullahs go on shows where women similar to her are the hosts? Why was she not killed before when she openly announced to strip? Why now? Why after an obvious conflict with a mullah? Why???!???

May be people would justify her killing by saying she deserved it or had it coming. I say did she not deserve at least 13 years to repent, the time accorded to Kuffar in Mecca at least?

Did you even try? Did you!!!!

May she rest in peace and may the God show her mercy unlike the people of this abode. Ameen.

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Syeda Zainab is a freelance writer and a graduate of University of Gujrat. Her areas of interests are politics and educational system of Pakistan.

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    July 18, 2016 at 6:28 am

    Great article! Our entire society is equally responsible for her death. I remember seeing her innocent but confident and enthusiastic entry into Pakistan Idol and how Bushra Ansari and that Baldy jerk guy treated her, insulted her. Who exactly gave them the power to insult the participant? They must grow up and stop being insecure. These are the things that negatively impact our youth. I can bet that this whole experience was the root cause behind her revolt against the system. I do not believe the whole ‘brother’ honor killing story. She was safe as long as nobody new her true identity. The moment she applied for security and disclosed her true identity, she got killed. In Pakistan when a Mulla says ‘I have forgiven and left the decision on Allah’, that usually means ‘I will not kill you myself but someone will’. That mufti runs his own court, he is the judge, government backs him. So he gave the verdict. It surprises me how he has the balls to come on TV and warn everyone of the consequences of messing up with so called ‘well respected shurfa’ of the society.


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