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Foremost Sex Education in Pakistan

Sex education is instruction related to the issues of human sexuality, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, reproductive rights and birth control. It is a controversial issue not only in Pakistan but also in developed countries. It is ironic that while a very large part of sunnah is about the matters relevant to sex, the subject cannot be discussed in a scientific context in our society. Now-a-days sexual activities are becoming common among young generations. It is necessary to inform our youngsters about this. In our society it is considered the matter of shame and ignominy. Thus a gap between parents and children prevails and parents remain ignorant about the physical and psychological impacts of sexual changes on the minds of their children. Although the morals of our society, religious values and schooling criteria are stumbling blocks in sex education, however it enlighten youngsters about coitus and prevent them from teenage depression , immoral habits and various sexually transmitted diseases. Pakistan with over 64 per cent of its population consisting of young people has no coordinate program. Literature about sexual and reproductive health for young people is scarce in Pakistan and youth is also unaware about transmitted infections in Pakistan. A study conducted on young boys and girls aged 10 -19 years in Karachi found that 54% participants had no information on any STI. A recent study on the ‘Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’ conducted by an international organization, World Population Foundation, Pakistan manifests that youngsters have no any prior information about the biological evolution of their own bodies. Young people obtain information about sex and sexuality from media including advertising, television and magazines, as well as books and websites. Unluckily in Pakistan people connect the sex education with pornography.
Sex education is about all the physical and psychological changes that take place as we grow up. To discuss this topic with our young generation is not a matter of shame instead it is a need of time to educate them about a highly sensitive issue. Experts are of the views that it is beneficial to discuss the subject in the classroom where all the students are of the same age going through the same experiences. In the absence of knowledge curious adolescents commit mistakes. Teaching children about sex in the class room or in homes by their parents frankly would encourage them to view it as a natural, normal and healthy part of life. It is vitally important for our country that parents and teachers do not adopt an ostrich-like approach and keep their eyes open, and prevent their children to fall into the gruesome trap set by quacks.

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Sofia Saleem is a freelance writer based in Sialkot. She's done her masters in applied economics. Her areas of interests are social and general issues.


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