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Enduring Life with Patience

Why me? This is a question which anyone whose life is affected by the society will find themselves asking. Why would anyone willingly end his or her life? The answer to this question is simple but the grief experienced by anyone who is dealing with suicide is anything but simple.
Chances are that if you’ve been depressed for a while, or you’re experiencing on-going hopelessness, some aspect of yourself has begun to drop not so subtle hints about checking out of life.
You’ve even heard that voice calling you with the promise of no more pain, and appealing you with the lure of rest from yourself.
Every 100 minutes another teenager will commit suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 14 to 25 all over the world. Depression or hopelessness affects your thoughts in such a way that you may not see any solution to the problem. That’s because depression leads you to focus on failures, disappointments, and the negative side of the situation.
Being a Muslim, when there is no reason for joy, no escape from misery, and no hope of things ever changing,
If you are having thoughts of suicide follow these suggestions:

Talk with your Family
Instead of hiding miserable thoughts, explore suicidal ideas in a manner that brings them outside of you. This means talking about your feelings with your parents and siblings who can be caring, calm, and non-judgmental. Don’t wait until things get better. Call someone such as a friend that is capable of listening with acceptance. Find support from people who know about grief and whom will allow you to be wherever you are in the process and not expect you to keep it together. Find people to support you who you feel good being around.

Nip the Anger in the bud
You may be angry that something could have been done differently but wasn’t. Don’t deny your anger. Talk about it, think about it, and deal with it constructively. Find out what you are really angry about. Own up to that anger. There’s nothing wrong with anger. And it does not mean you are a bad person or that you don’t love the person who is gone.

Return to ALLAH
If you are having bad thoughts it means you are too far away from your religion. It means your body and soul needs some spiritual religious beliefs. Do offer prayers and ask forgiveness from ALLAH and be thankful what you have while others don’t.. Some people are fighting for themselves to save from fatal diseases.

Let go of your thoughts that don’t feel good to think such as:
• “What could I have done differently?”
• “They are gone forever”
• “I am totally alone”
• “I can’t do this”
• “I’ll never get over this”
• “What did I do to deserve this”
• “Life is over”
• “It was so selfish of them to do that”
• “I must have done something bad in my last life to deserve this”
• “I’m a loser”

Replace thoughts which feel bad to think with thoughts that feel good to think Such as:
• “I am not alone, ALLAH is always with me”
• “No one can let me down.”
• “I allow myself to find joy like they couldn’t”
• “I choose to seek out that which makes me happy”
• “I will see them again”
• “They are not gone. They have just “exited the movie theatre of life”.

Thoughts which feel better to think are going to vary based on whoever is thinking them. One thought may feel really good for one person, but won’t feel so good for another. The key is finding the thoughts which feel really good for you, yourself to think. Spend time focused on those thoughts. Decide what thoughts and beliefs you want to lay as the foundation for your new life. Your grief and sadness will gradually subside, when you surrender to the process and then decide that you are ready to intentionally create new joy. As the saying goes “The happiness of your life depends upon your quality of thoughts ” , so buckle up and stand up to life!

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Saad Shahid is content writer at Sarim Burney Trust International, Youth Department Reporter at Daily Azad Riasat and Special Correspondent at News Online.

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