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Pakistan’s Stance on Kashmir

Pakistan’s community on Facebook has slammed Indians with their sarcasm and wit but the need of time is to see that how Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir is weaker than India? And what makes Modi so confident that he talks about Pakistan’s Isolation.

India has attained the second regional power’s position by boosting its economy. Its economic groom lures International community to see India as strategic partner in South Asia. Recent intimacy between India and US is its proof. According to Diplomat magazine, by 2030, India is going to be the third largest economy in the world, with an estimated GDP of $10 trillion, behind the United States’ GDP ($33 trillion) and China’s GDP ($34 trillion).India will become the largest economy in the Commonwealth, overtaking Britain. Also, there are talks for joint U.S.-India naval patrols in the Indian Ocean as well as the disputed South China Sea. In January 2015, during President Barack Obama’s visit to India, both countries signed a strategic vision statement for the Asia-Pacific and the Indian Ocean in which freedom of Sea Lanes of Communications (SLOCs), including in the South China Sea was identified as of priority. Moreover, Indians per capita income is more than Pakistanis. The World Bank report says that every Indian earns around USD 5,630, while a Pakistani earns around USD 5,090 (2016).

With such strong position International community considers India as more powerful candidate for Kashmir than Pakistan. USA has always treated Pakistan as its “Call girl” to whom it, whenever desires, calls and take advantage. Moreover, it has always given Pakistan cold shoulder whether it was 1965,1990 or 2001.The worst news is this that House of Representatives moved bill to congress for declaring Pakistan as “Terrorist State” Whether the bill passes or not but one thing is clear and that is America’s prejudice towards Pakistan.

Muslim Ummah becomes the hollow idea when Afghanistan and Bangladesh openly declares their support for India against Pakistan. Recent aid to Afghanistan by India and Ashraf Ghani’s appeal, though rejected by Pakistan Government, to open transit route for trade to India indicate the closer relation between two states. What Pakistan is doing? It is merely enduring Afghanistan’s blames for fueling terrorism in their state? And what about Bangladesh who feels Pakistan as a clear hindrance over executing Ulema who talks in favor of Pakistan.

India is laminating its way to progress through the uplift of economy and Pakistan is suffering with the “tag” of terrorism. Unemployment rate in Pakistan is expected to be 5.8%, whereas, India’s rate of unemployment is 5%. New poverty lines make third of Pakistanis poor. How hard truth is this to swallow?

In all these circumstances, Pakistan’s foreign policy is still reactive. It is reactive ever since the day Pakistan is created. One statement of India comes and Pakistan starts counter the arguments. Not long ago, Khursheed shah’s statement relieves those “Facebook’s soldiers”. He stated that India will suffer more. Really? With such poverty and unemployment and no cordial ties with international community, how can we make India more suffer? Proper diplomacy should prevail here. Provocative statements by India should tackle with wise diplomacy that may soothe the situation than raising the flames of war over South Asia.

These are the loopholes which make Pakistan’s stance weak on Kashmir. Diplomacy failure, poverty and economic burden form Pakistan’s image on international level as weak candidate for Kashmir and inclines them towards more on India. Paksitan’s claim on Kashmir is righteous but the capacity to sustain the territory is weak. On contrary, India’s claim on Kashmir is based on betrayals, false promises and lie but it has capacity to sustain Valley and thus money talks!

Pakistan Prime minister has addressed at sessions of United Nation General Assembly twice since last year and has raised Issue of Kashmir. Every time India rejected the claim on the basis of calling Pakistan as a terrorism financing state. Pakistan’s need of the hour is to practically make itself as strong as India and then slam this tag towards India with equal power. It requires a prosper Pakistan with least poverty and bloom of economy. It will bring it automatically into a state where it can materialize the high dignified and execrated claims by Pakistanis while comparing itself to India. We need to keep this thing in mind that might is right and at this moment, practically and technically, India is in power. So what we need is diplomacy based on wisdom which has the power to avoid possibility of war and presenting Pakistan as a peaceful state in front of international society.



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Syeda Zainab is a freelance writer and a graduate of University of Gujrat. Her areas of interests are politics and educational system of Pakistan.

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