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Life: A Mysterious Journey

We are pawns to elaborate webs of lies the life has connived. We are fascinated by its charm and panache and succumb to its equivocal and abstruse designs. Piece by piece it ensnares and devours its prey and produces a façade which deceives us into envisaging a mirage that we have finally discovered Our destination. Once beguiled, it inflicts a deafening blow to your reveries and depart with anguish and despair. Not long and you realize the reality has just hit you- and it has hit you hard!
Aleefa, another socially interactive, welcoming and loquacious girl is a victim to the existing body aforementioned. Every day she strives to excel in different stages of life. Not a soul could have envisioned a drastic transformation in such a taciturn woman who would confine only to herself and extend the greetings with a smile and a perplexed expression. At first, her circle of trust would only encompass herself; not even to her immediate family let alone any cousins or kith or kin. Now that she is a grown woman a few years shy of her thirties, she has to face the harsh realities of life; it is not always a bed of roses, rather, life is a sheep in the mantle of a wolf. The girl who was once oblivious to the politics of life reinvented herself entirely. She realized it was her time to shine, to leave behind juvenile years and embark on a self-transformation journey. Life was honey for her and she was tangled like a bee in its opulence and allure. Little did she know the glamour is depriving her of her ingenuous.
Now she had success, fame and circle of friends; but somewhere in between her expedition to self-reform, she had lost the most valuable aspect of herself- her innocence. She now felt lost and forlorn
Life is callous and ruthless. It victimizes and entices its prey with false promises and extracts its revenge whenever it pleases. Ignorant of their impending and imminent doom, people tread on the path to notoriety and prominence until they realize that in their aforementioned quest they have come to a point of no return- They have completely erased their former existence and lost themselves on their journey to ersatz fame and pretentious glory.

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Maimoona Naseem is a freelance writer based in Rawalpindi. She is doing her masters in English literature from National University of Modern Languages. She casually writes for social issues.

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